When I was a kid, Back to the Future was one of my favorite movies.  When I met Chaddy later on in life, I found out it was one of his favorites too.  We were thrilled when we got to make a Delorean cake for our friends back in 2009.

The movie got a lot of press last week since October 21, 2015 was “the future” that Marty and Doc went back to way back in 1985.  not only did it get lots of press, but there were many, many people that hosted Back to the Future parties.  We went to one heckuva BTTF party, complete with a huge cardboard Delorean, an Enchantment Under the Sea dance, a hoverboard (it was malfunctioning), and lots of other movie paraphernalia.

Of course, I had to bring a Back to the Future themed snack.  I couldn’t do another 3D Delorean cake (as a freebie) but I remembered the cake that the McFly’s had bought for poor old Uncle Joey who didn’t make parole (again)!

I googled a picture of the cake and printed out A reference photo and it was easy work from there.  I even made 2 so that there would be plenty.  Everyone at the party raved over it!  It just goes to show that a cake doesn’t have to be a sculpted centerpiece to fit in to the party!

Everyone have a great week and BAKE TO THE FUTURE!

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