Blush Wedding Flower

We got to make a PINK wedding cake! Squeal! It was “blush” but we know that really means pink! I love a bride that does something different! We made this three tier cake with French buttercream which is all butter and “non crusting”. Once the cake is perfectly smooth, we chill it in the freezer for about an hour before we do the stenciling. If it gets too cold the cake will get condensation and that causes your stencil buttercream not to stick and that is bad. If that happens, wipe the condensation off gently with a paper towel and let the cake unthaw a while before you try again. Just remember that when you are stenciling with buttercream on top of buttercream the freezer is your friend. If you are damaging the cakes final coat with the stencil, your cake is not cold enough.

Blush and Gold WeddingThe lace pattern on wedding cakes trend is not going anywhere for 2016. There have been many techniques that have emerged over the past few years. It started with making fondant pieces and applying them onto the cake. They were so thick and never really looked like lace. My favorite technique is using a stencil to get the main pattern and then piping outlines and details on top of the pattern. The extra piping REALLY makes a huge difference even though it takes a while. The lace still looks very thin and realistic.

I purchased the stencils for this cake from I own three so that you can. Achieve some variety like you see on this cake. If you or your customer wants a pattern all over a cake consider trying to go from a heavy amount of the design flowing up or down into lesser amount of the pattern.

Blush Wedding Lace CakeMy tip for this technique is to cut up your stencil a little bit. I trim up one side so that the stencil is flush with the bottom of the cake. You can also put your tier up on some extra cake boards to get it the exact height so. You don’t have to cut both sides of you stencil. Also, you need a couple of little flowers (or cluster of details) that you can squeeze in more pattern where needed, just chill up your other work so that you don’t damage it when you are squeezing the extra pieces in.

Evil Cake Genius also sells a mesh stencil to get the netting/tulle look all over the cake before you add the lace patterns. I get that is looks great, but you can only use the mesh stencils on fondant. Trust me! They do not work on buttercream no matter how frozen the cake is. Grrrrrr

For a finishing touch, I airbrushed the entire cake with a pearl luster dust and added lots of gumpaste flowers with no greenery. I like adding leaves normally but I like the way this cake looked without them. For the gold dragee border, wait to add them until a couple of hours before delivery. The moisture of the fridge will dull the finish pretty quickly. No go make a pink, errr blush cake!

3 tier blush wedding cake

Stencils I used:

Very Large All Over Stencil
Border Only Stencil
Spaced Out Stencil

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