Buttercream flowers
We are proud to be part of the buttercream flower revolution!  We got to pull out some old school roses and some new school ranunculus flowers.  We had to watch some videos and many of the flowers are not very good, but they were tasty!

We also tried some watercolor buttercream techniques and finished everything off with some gold!  I’m happy with the way the cake out and people loved fighting over the delicious flowers!

Buttercream flowersimageIf you want to make flowers with a “non crusting” type buttercream, just put the flowers in the freezer for a little while and they are easy to handle and stick on the cake with some fresh buttercream.  If you want to try your hand at a floral wreath cake, just make flowers and then make some more!  You can freeze them until you need to place them and remember, even nature isn’t perfect!

Buttercream roses and ranunculus


  • Romona Flowers says:

    I would love knowing how you made the buttercream flowers. Your work is amazing! How do I get the information?

    • Jenniffer says:

      Thanks for your kind words! Since these are some of my first flowers, I cannot consider myself qualified to teach these techniques yet. Please check out YouTube for some great flower lessons. That is where I went for “classes”. Have fun!

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