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Custom Cake Pricing

How easy is this cake?  Well of course that depends on your skill level.  I’ve been at it for about ten years and it takes me about four hours to do a cake like this.  I find getting a cake smooth tends to be the hardest part to learn for most people.  All you need to make the rest of this cake is some small circle cutters and a knife.  Well some colors,

Art Party Birthday

Birthday parties now are fancy! Kids get to have all kinds of parties! Art, laser, pottery, cupcake, bouncy houses, and paint ball just to name a few. We were lucky to have pin the tail on the donkey! We did a little cake to go along with a fun painting party. It was colorful and pretty easy to create. We made a letter template on the computer and just free formed the splatters and drips.

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Muppet Birthday Cake

We just love a cake where we get to “play”!  This sweet mom gave us lots of freedom for Henry’s 2nd birthday.  I know it’s nothing earth shattering new, but we do such few birthday cakes, that I really enjoy the ones we do make.  My advice for this type of cake is to make the character first because you will have to redo it a couple of times.  Don’t get discouraged if you can’t make your famous character the first time.

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Libby Swirl Birthday

Every baker is given pictures from their customers and asked to reproduce them and it happen most of the time.  It happens to the most famous cake people!  It’s not a knock on your abilities, so don’t take it that way.  Customers get on Pintrest and Google to start their wheels turning but get their hearts set on a certain design.  It stinks because if they are willing to give you some freedom they may get a better cake.

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Worley Rustic Wedding


Barn weddings are everywhere!  If they are not as popular in your area, you are a little lucky.  Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty in a rustic or fancy rustic (trademark pending) and make for nice pictures.  Most are not air conditioned, which means fondant icing is the best idea so that sawdust doesn’t stick to the buttercream.  Some brides just won’t do fondant, so here we have a buttercream cake in a barn.

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Minnie Mouse Cake for Icing Smiles

We are a volunteer with the Icing Smiles organization. We just had the opportunity to make a 6th birthday cake for a sweet birthday girl. The family wasn’t picky, they just wanted Minnie Mouse on the cake. We aren’t exactly Angels when it comes to following copyright law, but we don’t dare to mess with Disney. But since this cake was a donation with no charge to the family, we are allowed to recreate copyrighted characters.

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Camera Lens Groom’s Cake

We have mentioned in previous posts about finding designs that will meet the needs of you client’s vision and budget. This groom wanted a Nikon camera cake but that’s a little involved. This camera lens cake was a cool compromise. It’s still a cool cake but was six 9″ round cakes and required only a tiny bit of carving. To be accurate I should have carved in at the bottom to about an 8″

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Calvin & Hobbes First Birthday

We love Calvin and Hobbes, but we can’t recreate those sweet characters in 3-D unless we had lots of time and the customer had lots of money to spend.  We have learned over the years to do our level best not to say “no” to a design.  You have to offer options that fit your skill set and their budget.  I don’t feel it’s right to agree to make a cake that a baker doesn’t know IF they can do it.

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