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Oscar Bat Mitzvah Party Cake

We love a good Bat Mitzvah!  We were lucky enough to make a Hollywood style cake for this great birthday event.  We decided to make a simple cake stand just to make the cake a little more festive.  We used a couple of  24″ covered cake drums.  We spray painted the area that were going to show with silver spray paint to cover some of the embossed print.  We would have recovered them but there isn’t a material that I know that is 26″

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Fairyland Club Wedding

This is such a simple, elegant cake that there isn’t much to say but it’s pretty eye candy. The texture was done just with a small offset spatula. It’s not hard but not easy, so practice ahead of time. We delivered this cake to the Fairlyland Club on Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga TN. The florist was The Clay Pot, and they did some WONDERFUL arrangements for this wedding.

Mickey Wedding & Pet Peeves

We will make this week’s blog short and a little sour….. Is there something you see in your line of work that bugs the fool out of you? We all do I’m sure. In cake decorating we all start as beginners and I never judge those people. If you charge money, and sometimes a lot of money for a cake then it should be well executed. Piping should be neat and consistent. I’m not the best at piping so I use a small paint brush to even out and blend in my lines.

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Walnut Hill Fresh Flower Wedding


How could I ever make flowers this pretty!?!?  I arrive at the venue, Walnut Hill Farm, and the florist has left me the MOST gorgeous bunch of flowers!  Ranunculus, Peonies, perfect roses, hydrangeas and some lambs ear for greenery.   I was in love with all of them!!!  Here are some “professional baker tips” for the week.

1,  Allow yourself PLENTY of time when fresh flowers go on the cake.  If the florist is gone,

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Golden Inspiration Wedding Cake

Edible sequins are one of the new big trends in cake design, at least with Chattanooga wedding cakes  We shared one a few weeks ago that had “large” sequins but now we have one with tiny sequins.  I’m just going to say it, I used A LOT of gold! But it’s SO pretty! We baked and iced a 6/8/10/12″ combination in all buttercream.  We created the lines with a little pairing knife dipped in warm water every few minutes. 

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Rose Column Wedding Cake

We made a cake recently that the bride wanted the top tier to float on top of flowers. That’s a nice way of saying that she wanted a 2″ space in between the tiers. In the olden days, seeing white plastic columns was expected, but today it’s considered tacky or old fashioned. I have found that the “hidden pillar” system from Wilton is great for this application (only one or two tier separated at the most.).

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Pleated Fondant Wedding Cake

We have done a few cakes like this, but I do have a little advice and “new thoughts” on the technique of the pleated fondant.  I’ve noticed on some of the FB cake groups I’m in that a lot of people ask how to do this look.  Many people are doing a version of it by cutting several angled pieces of fondant and layering them on top of each other.  It’s a much flatter look. 

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Border Knot Wedding Cake

We were asked by a very good friend to make a cake for his employee. The company was buying it and gifting it to the couple.  Wow! That’s a nice gift!  They were going for an Art Deco theme and wanted to carry that through with the cake.   The knot fabric effect was the most challenging part of the whole thing.  I’ve even made a little video about it and posted that on our 

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Purple Orchid Wedding

I hate purple, well at least purple wedding cakes. It’s so hard to match, with some purples having lots of blue and some shades having lots of red.  Not to mention the super dark colors like these orchids.  It takes a lot of food coloring!  Also, you have to have a good photographer or all the purple throughout the wedding decor will photograph as black.  Well  that isn’t so bad, right? Well after you kill yourself to get the right shade of purple,

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Ruffles and Lace Wedding

My area of the country follows trends, but about two years behind New York.  Currently we have a lot of brides wanting two main colors, but both neutrals.  Shades of ivory with white and shades of grey with cream both seem to be very trendy. Khaki, tan, ivory and champagne are the hardest colors to make in my opinion.  I’ve had art class, but I to have forgotten that lesson.  if you just use the ivory color,

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