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Wedding Cakes with Organic Lines

Rarely has one cake design been brought to us by so many brides! They have asked for a “lite” version, with less lines to the latest request that was to be┬ávery much┬álike the original design. Let me say, I do not know what cake artist to give credit for the original design. It’s been pinned and refined so many times that I would need to be a forensic analyst to figure it out.

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Gold Sequin Wedding Cake

I’m so glad to make a cake that is new and not made from someone else’s design.  I can’t even tell you how this design came about.  I think the bride liked so many popular wedding cake trends that we just used them all.  All tiers were buttercream and about 5″ high except for the gold tier which was about 3.5″. We used an Evil Cake Genius lace cake stencil and outlined each piece with a #2 tip. 

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Cake Stencils are Awesome!

I love “Designer Stencils” a bunch. My current favorite is the mod flower because it gives the cake a sophisticated texture which seems to be a hot button with my brides. There is a display cake in my shop with this stencil and I swear that is why it keeps being picked. Here are a couple of my  “pearls of  wisdom” on stencils. First, you can absolutely use them on buttercream IF you use butter based icing that you can get cold/hard in the fridge.

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Burlap Pattern & Rose Wedding Cake

Some of our brides discover a cake online, bring in the picture and want nothing changed.  This cake was one of those projects.  I wish we could credit the original designer, but we don’t have the name at this time.  The venue for this cake was a barn with lots of rustic decor, burlap table cloths and a very elegant bride.  The imprint on the fondant was to look like a burlap pattern.

Art Deco Wedding Cake

We delivered this wedding cake to the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga Tennessee this weekend.  I had such a great time making this cake.  This is certainly not your typical wedding cake, but the couple really wanted a colorful art deco cake.

I had not done an art deco cake before, and I really wasn’t super familiar with the style, so I hit up Pinterest and starting doing some research.

Fall Leaves Wedding Cake

I thought this cake would be a great cake to showcase on the day after Thanksgiving.  Have any of you been out shopping throughout the night?  I will admit that I have done it in the past, but I haven’t braved the wild shopping frenzy in many years.  Maybe I’m just getting old; maybe I just love shopping at Amazon too much!  Prime rocks!

For this bridal cake, I used ribbon as a border for each tier. 

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Kaben’s 3rd Birthday Cake and Stand

Kaben’s cake at The Car Barn

To date, we have made all of  Kaben’s birthday cakes.  The day I first met his Mom, she described Kaben as a “rock star” and truer words have not been spoken.  Plus, he’s a little cutie-patootie to boot!

This year, Kaben wanted a a candy themed birthday party so we set out to design his cake.  But at some point Kaben decided that his favorite toy Tow Mater also needed to make an appearance.

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Updated Bow Wedding Cake

You might have seen this cake before… almost!  I made a cake just like this a year or so ago as a dummy cake.  The only difference was that the bows were shaped a little differently, and pink.  At my last bridal show I accidentally dropped it, and it completely cracked an entire side of the cake.  I found the nearest trash can and gave it a proper burial.

Fast forward a few months and I meet with a bride that wants that exact cake,

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Roughed Up Buttercream Wedding Cake

This is the second or third “rough textured” buttercream cake that I have done in the past couple of months.  I hope this isn’t a new trend, as you all know I like to get my buttercream nice and smooth.

But this bride specifically asked for this texture on her cake.

I spoke a little last week about trying to prop my cake photos a little more and since this cake was on the simple side,

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Silver and Gold and Sparkly

I really like making display cakes.  I have complete creative freedom, no time (or spoilage) constraints, and I get to enjoy my artwork much longer than a regular cake.

I worked on this display cake a few weeks ago and I was very pleased with the way it turned out.  I wanted a create something with some bling, because it seems every other bride coming into the shop wants sparkles or rhinestones on their cake.

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