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Back to the Future Party Cake

When I was a kid, Back to the Future was one of my favorite movies.  When I met Chaddy later on in life, I found out it was one of his favorites too.  We were thrilled when we got to make a Delorean cake for our friends back in 2009.

The movie got a lot of press last week since October 21, 2015 was “the future” that Marty and Doc went back to way back in 1985. 

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Featured on Cake Wrecks Sunday Sweets!

Many of my regular readers remember reading about my Back to the Future DeLorean post, and some may remember the DeLorean in-progress post, but today we were featured on Cake Wrecks as a Sunday Sweet!  Today was a “Back to the Future” post and our little ol’ DeLorean cake was featured!

In the 6 years we have been in business, we have won cake decorating contests, voted “Best Dessert”