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Back to the Future Party Cake

When I was a kid, Back to the Future was one of my favorite movies.  When I met Chaddy later on in life, I found out it was one of his favorites too.  We were thrilled when we got to make a Delorean cake for our friends back in 2009.

The movie got a lot of press last week since October 21, 2015 was “the future” that Marty and Doc went back to way back in 1985. 

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Custom Cake Pricing

How easy is this cake?  Well of course that depends on your skill level.  I’ve been at it for about ten years and it takes me about four hours to do a cake like this.  I find getting a cake smooth tends to be the hardest part to learn for most people.  All you need to make the rest of this cake is some small circle cutters and a knife.  Well some colors,

Bird Cage Woodland Wedding Cake

I have always been obsessed with birds.  I have have had them as pets and I spend a small fortune keeping food for almost every type of bird in my yard at home.  So it shouldn’t be terribly surprising that I have and idea in my head for a cake inside a bird cage.  I don’t know if it’s something I have seen somewhere before, (I’m sure someone has done it) but it has always just been an image that struck me as…

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Chocolate Lovebirds Topper

I did this cake a while back and I wasn’t as thrilled with it as I wanted to be.  The couple wanted a bird silhouette on top of the cake.  I cut at least 4 different sets of birds out of modeling chocolate, but they all just looked so… FLAT!  I guess that’s just how it works with silhouettes, huh?

The rest of the cake is pretty simple – square cake with buttercream,

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Dogwood Branches and Lovebirds

This weekend we took this lovely cake to a new event hall. The Loose Cannon Art and Events Hall is a very nice little spot near downtown Chattanooga. Their style is very eclectic… I could totally see Chad and I having a party there!

This bridal cake is all buttercream with buttercream piped branches and gumpaste dogwood blossoms. I even molded the birdie toppers using one of my ceramic birdie knick-knacks.

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