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Bakers Gotta Bake!

When do you not call your baker?  The day before the wedding!  Or the day of the wedding!  We had both happen recently and just wanted to tell you why it’s not a good idea.  Toward the end of the month I pull all my orders for the next month and read through them.  I make a list of supplies I need, make sure no payments are needed, make sure everything is very clear (since it may have been months since I booked the cake) and make a task list for each week.

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Little World Traveler Birthday Cake

We make very few birthday cakes and those that we do make as never money makers so I am doing them as a favor, gift or for someone very special.  One of our sweetest brides ever adopted a little girl and asked us to make her a special cake.  It had to be driven two hours to Atlanta, GA by the Grandmother so it had to be sturdy. 

One of my requirements for birthday cakes these days is that I get lots of artistic freedom. 

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Domed Wedding Cake with Lace Doilies

Sometimes we are lucky enough to have a bride that really has a vision. They know they want a cake to blend into all the reception decor as well as the venue. For this particular event the venue was the Tivoli Theater in Chattanooga, TN. There are dark red curtains, gold and silver fixtures and lots of pretty marble. The bride chose darker shades of orange and purple to accent her Fall wedding.

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Emerald, the Pantone Color of 2013!

I suppose they have a “color of the year” every year, but this time was the first I noticed it being mentioned everywhere.  EMERALD, so pretty, so dark, so beautiful and not so easy to color fondant in the right shade.  We are no dummies, we started with Satin Ice Green, but then added lots of “forest green” to get the color were we wanted it.  This cake is somewhat plain, but busy in the “texture”

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Khaki Wedding Cake in Trenton

This past weekend I made this wedding cake for a sweet couple getting married in Trenton, GA.  This couple was a little older than my average wedding couple, but they were super nice and allowed me a little leeway with their cake for the big day!

Our color scheme for this wedding was khaki, white, and gold.  White is an easy color to bring to the party; here we used white in the borders,

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Baby Shower Reveal Cake

I blogged about Matt and Nikki’s awesome Converse cake a little over a year ago.  They are such an awesome couple!  When they called me about making a “baby reveal” cake, it broke my heart to say “we only make wedding cakes”.  Matt was super sweet and willing to bend over backwards to get any cake from me so I had to do something.  He agreed to a 9″ cake with NO decoration,

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Snowflake Winter Wedding

A snowflake theme always makes for an elegant winter wedding.  And it really sets that winter mood, even if you’re in Georgia and it’s 72 degrees!

Our bride wanted really delicate snowflakes, so I wound up piping almost all of them.  I used some octagon and hexagon cutters to make the tiniest impression on the buttercream.  I then used a #1 tip to freehand pipe a snowflake using the cutters shape to make sure that the final snowflake kept a (mostly) symmetrical shape. 

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Art Deco Wedding Cake

We delivered this wedding cake to the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga Tennessee this weekend.  I had such a great time making this cake.  This is certainly not your typical wedding cake, but the couple really wanted a colorful art deco cake.

I had not done an art deco cake before, and I really wasn’t super familiar with the style, so I hit up Pinterest and starting doing some research.

Peacock Inspired Wedding Cake

I don’t know if the Katy Perry song has had anything to do with it, but lots of brides lately have been considering peacock for their bridal inspiration.

When I met with this couple, they definitely wanted peacock incorporated into their wedding, but they wanted something not so literal; more of a “hint” of peacock, I guess you would say.

When the bride saw a similar cake from Art Eats Bakery in SC,

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