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Oscar Bat Mitzvah Party Cake

We love a good Bat Mitzvah!  We were lucky enough to make a Hollywood style cake for this great birthday event.  We decided to make a simple cake stand just to make the cake a little more festive.  We used a couple of  24″ covered cake drums.  We spray painted the area that were going to show with silver spray paint to cover some of the embossed print.  We would have recovered them but there isn’t a material that I know that is 26″

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Super Bling Rhinestone Wedding Cake w/ Stand

2012 is continuing to bring in the bling, and I have to tell you, I really like it!  The more it sparkles, the bigger I smile!  I think there’s just something about that sparkle, that brilliant jeweled fire that just catches a woman’s eye and warms her heart!

With that being said, it’s no wonder it’s a popular design for wedding cakes.  In this cake we used rhinestones, as well as brooches and the topper that the bride provided to bring some extra pizazz and bling to this cake. 

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Grandview Cupcake Tree

I have talked about my brother the master woodworker in the past and about the incredibly awesome cake stands he makes for me.  When I called him up and asked for another cupcake stand he certainly didn’t disappoint with this one!

This was my first square cake stand, and I really liked the way the cupcakes looked on it.  On the top, we placed a small 6 inch square cake. 

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Vendor Spolight: Imagine That! Playhouses

I have blogged about my brother the woodworker before and all of the creative cake stands he makes.  He has his shop setup in a mini warehouse close to his home.  It’s nice for him to have all his tools and materials in one place. The new news I have about him is that he is now offering cake boards as part of his product line.  Check out his Etsy Shop,

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Rose and Lace Display Cake

It seems nowadays I don’t get to do smaller cakes anymore, even though I do enjoy doing them.

So when I needed to do some new display cakes for the shop, I opted to do some smaller ones.  Smaller cakes still showcase my skills while taking up a lot less space (and that’s a good thing!)

This cake is pretty simple, but I loved the way it turned out! 

Lace Recreation Wedding Cake

I did this cake a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed doing it.  So much so that I am planning on doing a display cake in a similar fashion.

This bride wanted the ornate lacework on her dress recreated on her cake. She provided me with a scan of the lace pattern.  We printed it out and then traced it on copy paper.  From that black and white drawing, we could scan it in and resize it to fit the cake.

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Custom Cake Stands Now Available!

For a while now I have been regaling you with tales of the cakes I do and some of the awesome custom cake stands that my awesome brother has been making for me!

And since he made the first one I have been nagging him to start a blog and start selling his wares.  I am so proud to announce that I have infected my brother with the blogging bug!  Not only that,

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Rock City Daisy Wedding Cake

This little buttercream number took a drive up Lookout Mountain recently and settled in at the Rock City Pavilion.  It was out first trip there and it is a very nice venue.  Cheryl Hyland with Blissful Moments was the wedding coordinator and she had everything setup perfectly when we arrived.  That was a very good thing – it was hot as blazes and it was an outdoor wedding so we showed up moments before the guests arrived.

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Tennesee Aquarium Butterfly Wedding

This weekend we did our very first Chattanooga Aquarium wedding.  The staff there were wonderful and the venue was spectacular!  The wedding was held on the fourth floor in the Tropical Rainforest / Butterfly Sanctuary section of the aquarium.

In keeping with that theme, the bride wanted some butterfly accents on her bridal cake.  I put my brother to work building us another custom cake stand out of a Baby Bio Orb fish tank

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Do Not Adjust Your Sets…

This post weekend I visited the fine folks at the Chattanoogan. This time my bride and groom had a very clear idea of what they wanted for their extreme groom’s cake.

They wanted an upside-down cake!

Luckily, I had a whole year to plan and get ready for this one. Did I use it all? Of course I did!! I had my brother make another of his soon to be famous cake stands.

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