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Elegant Baby Shower Cake

We don’t often do baby shower cakes, but when a super sweet mother of a former brides asks SUPER nicely we just can’t refuse.    It also doesn’t hurt to let us make whatever we want and give us no budget at all; but we still kept it reasonable.  We made this three tier pale pink buttercream covered cake.  For the bottom tier we just molded some lace with a silicone mold and painted it with a pearl luster dust. 

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Buttercream Rosette Ruffles

This cake is a fully buttercream iced and decorated except for the gumpaste flowers

Sometimes we get to try an established look but with a new twist.  Ruffles are mostly done with fondant but most customers want to avoid it.  We tried to accomplish the same look but with buttercream.  I’m really happy with the outcome and learned a lot on this one cake.  The sweet bride was willing to trust me without ever seeing what it would look like and I’m very grateful for her faith in my abilities.

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Laser Level Learning

Sometimes you happen upon something that’s just too good not to share. I have used this technique before, but was doing it again this weekend and decided to record it, document it, and pass it along to all my cake decorating friends.

There have been several times when I needed a mark on a cake for some sort of decorating challenge. I tried using plastic strips, but they were slightly cumbersome and would sometime still leave a mark on the cake.

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