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Oscar Bat Mitzvah Party Cake

We love a good Bat Mitzvah!  We were lucky enough to make a Hollywood style cake for this great birthday event.  We decided to make a simple cake stand just to make the cake a little more festive.  We used a couple of  24″ covered cake drums.  We spray painted the area that were going to show with silver spray paint to cover some of the embossed print.  We would have recovered them but there isn’t a material that I know that is 26″

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Megan vs Morgan – A Tale of On Site Repair

So only a couple of weeks ago I was telling you about my cake emergency kit and about all the things I did to make sure everything is perfect before I leave the shop.  You all remember that right?  Well, it would seem I jinxed myself.

I made this sweet 16 cake this past weekend.  It looks great right?  Except somewhere between reading the order and cutting the letters for the cake,

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Wedding Cake Jewelry

It seems as thought this season’s most popular wedding cake is similar to this cake here.  An elegant scroll pattern with rose separators.

Most of the time I want the florist to do the flowers on the cake.  I have done some basic floral arrangements in the past, but florists make sure that the flowers are pesticide free – things I know nothing about!  This time around, the florist had other commitments,

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