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Our last cupcakes….

We have grown and changed our business as time has gone by the past few years.  When we started Magnolia Bakery and their cupcakes were all the rage.  Then a bunch of cupcake stores opened in the  area and my once popular cupcake business slowed way down.  I was fine with that because it gave me more time to focus on learning my craft.  Now, 90% of those shops are closed but I’m still here and I don’t make cupcakes anymore!  

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Mini Gingerbread House Cutter Review

So I recently saw this cookie cutter online and I just had to order it immediately.  I could hardly wait for it to arrive so I could get to baking. It was just so darned cute!!

Well, the cutter came in and I got to baking. The picture to your left was my final results.  The final houses were very cute and got LOTS of attention to the parties I took them to.

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A Belated Christmas Gift!

I have several nieces and nephews, but there’s only one school-aged niece in the family.  Kaitie’s still a tween, and she still thinks I’m sorta cool.  The bad news is that her family lives in Oregon so I don’t get to see them a lot.  But when I do, she always wants to see her Auntie Jen and make cakes! So for Christmas, I put together a cake decorating kit with some basic tools, some fondant,

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Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

Christmas is almost upon us, and even though cakes have been light this month, I ave still been busy making tons of coconut macaroons for some of my seasonal corporate customers.

It’s also allowed me some extra time to make home holiday goodies for friends and family.  In fact, when one of my regular customers called last minute just knowing I couldn’t make Christmas cupcakes for her I was able to surprise her by saying “I can make them no problem!” 

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Grandview Cupcake Tree

I have talked about my brother the master woodworker in the past and about the incredibly awesome cake stands he makes for me.  When I called him up and asked for another cupcake stand he certainly didn’t disappoint with this one!

This was my first square cake stand, and I really liked the way the cupcakes looked on it.  On the top, we placed a small 6 inch square cake. 

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Taking it Outdoors

The neighbors must really think I’m crazy on a regular basis!  Especially when it’s pretty out, I can be seen carrying plant stands, end tables, potted plants, or some other odd item from my house throughout the yard looking for the perfect place to snap a shot of some new confection I have crafted.

This weekend I made up a batch of cupcakes for a customer and with the few I had leftover,

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What a Wild Weekend!

Wow! What a crazy weekend! On Friday I got a call from my good friends over at The Chattanoogan hotel. It seems an Atlanta bride brought her wedding and groom’s cake with her to the Chattanoogan. Her cake didn’t really survive the trip and with her cake decorator 2 hours away in Atlanta, she was freaking out just a bit. I grabbed my emergency repair kit and scooted up to assess the situation.