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Sanding Sugar Wedding Cake

Here is an idea!  When you aren’t great at smoothing buttercream or need a quick finish push some sanding sugar into your buttercream.  You can buy a big container (more than you will ever need) at Cake Deco.  Many people really like the crunch and texture this sugar provides.  It really is pretty in person and hard to capture in a picture.  It will drop sugar onto the tier below, so resign yourself to it or only cover the bottom tier or cover the whole thing! 

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Worley Rustic Wedding


Barn weddings are everywhere!  If they are not as popular in your area, you are a little lucky.  Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty in a rustic or fancy rustic (trademark pending) and make for nice pictures.  Most are not air conditioned, which means fondant icing is the best idea so that sawdust doesn’t stick to the buttercream.  Some brides just won’t do fondant, so here we have a buttercream cake in a barn.

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