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Sanding Sugar Wedding Cake

Here is an idea!  When you aren’t great at smoothing buttercream or need a quick finish push some sanding sugar into your buttercream.  You can buy a big container (more than you will ever need) at Cake Deco.  Many people really like the crunch and texture this sugar provides.  It really is pretty in person and hard to capture in a picture.  It will drop sugar onto the tier below, so resign yourself to it or only cover the bottom tier or cover the whole thing! 

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Piped Lace Wedding Cake

I’m going to post a little quick entry today.  It’s the first week of May and I have a BUNCH of cakes to work on!  We are getting a lot more requests for colored wedding cakes and I think that’s great!  This a khaki color which isn’t always the easiest color to achieve.  I sure wish I had one of the paint color mixing machines at Home Depot!

I used an Evil Cake Genius lace stencil and the piped an outline with a #1 tip.

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Domed Wedding Cake with Lace Doilies

Sometimes we are lucky enough to have a bride that really has a vision. They know they want a cake to blend into all the reception decor as well as the venue. For this particular event the venue was the Tivoli Theater in Chattanooga, TN. There are dark red curtains, gold and silver fixtures and lots of pretty marble. The bride chose darker shades of orange and purple to accent her Fall wedding.

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Pearl Encrusted Wedding Cake

With this cake I think I may have beaten some sort of “most dragees on a cake” record.  This cake was designed using several inspiration photos the bride provided during our consultation.

I really liked the softness and texture that the various sized sugar pearls added to the design.  When it was finished it reminded me of a winter themed cake

Getting all those dragees on the cake was actually easier than I thought it would be. 

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Brown and Blue Ribbon Wedding Cake

Thanks for taking a break from the Royal Wedding to stop by!!

Simple and elegant wedding cakes are all the rage these days!  And this cake is about as elegant as they get!  I layered blue and chocolate colored ribbons to give a nice border and then scattered silver dragees on the tops of each tier.

This cake was delivered to Niko’s Southside Grill.  It was the first time I had been to their upstairs reception room. 

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Simply Elegant Wedding Cake

I think this wedding cake is a perfect example of how a cake that isn’t too technically difficult can still be beautiful and elegant.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I spent a lot of time getting that buttercream as smooth as glass, and placing all of those dragees on the cake didn’t happen by itself.  But other than that, it’s just some simple ribbon that bride brought to me and a plastic monogram that they bought.

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