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Elegant Baby Shower Cake

We don’t often do baby shower cakes, but when a super sweet mother of a former brides asks SUPER nicely we just can’t refuse.    It also doesn’t hurt to let us make whatever we want and give us no budget at all; but we still kept it reasonable.  We made this three tier pale pink buttercream covered cake.  For the bottom tier we just molded some lace with a silicone mold and painted it with a pearl luster dust. 

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Walnut Hill Fresh Flower Wedding


How could I ever make flowers this pretty!?!?  I arrive at the venue, Walnut Hill Farm, and the florist has left me the MOST gorgeous bunch of flowers!  Ranunculus, Peonies, perfect roses, hydrangeas and some lambs ear for greenery.   I was in love with all of them!!!  Here are some “professional baker tips” for the week.

1,  Allow yourself PLENTY of time when fresh flowers go on the cake.  If the florist is gone,

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Our Cross Country Cake Adventures

 A few months ago I was approached with a rather odd request… make my nephew’s wedding cake.  Now I know that upon first read that doesn’t seem terribly odd, but let me finish… his wedding was going to be in New Hampshire, and I live WAYYY down south in GA.  Yeah, see?  But Sean and his fiance Kirsten were such a cute couple that I just couldn’t turn them down.

Delivering a fully decorated wedding cake 17 hours and and little over a 1000 miles away can be a daunting task and honestly one that I didn’t feel I (nor my cake) was up to. 

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Rose Column Wedding Cake

We made a cake recently that the bride wanted the top tier to float on top of flowers. That’s a nice way of saying that she wanted a 2″ space in between the tiers. In the olden days, seeing white plastic columns was expected, but today it’s considered tacky or old fashioned. I have found that the “hidden pillar” system from Wilton is great for this application (only one or two tier separated at the most.).

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Naked Cakes

We were asked to make a “naked”cake last year.  I was pretty excited until we actually did it.  So I had a culinary student as an intern for 11 weeks.  The cake was a 6/8/10/12” combination.  The first time it was baked, I think the oven was opened way too much, cakes were jiggled and batter wasn’t whipped enough.  So Friday afternoon, I decided to bake it again, only doing it myself this time. 

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Purple Orchid Wedding

I hate purple, well at least purple wedding cakes. It’s so hard to match, with some purples having lots of blue and some shades having lots of red.  Not to mention the super dark colors like these orchids.  It takes a lot of food coloring!  Also, you have to have a good photographer or all the purple throughout the wedding decor will photograph as black.  Well  that isn’t so bad, right? Well after you kill yourself to get the right shade of purple,

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Gumpaste Flowers… Buy or Make?

 Do you buy any of your gumpaste flowers?  Let me guess!  If you are a cake hobbyist, you make your flowers.  It’s fun and challenging and your time does not equal money.  If you sell cakes professionally, I will guess that you buy at least some of your flowers.  Why would you not?  Are you some sort of flower purist? Do you think it’s cheating? I made some beautiful ranunculus for a magazine shoot and they took me eight hours per flower! 

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Mint Green and Lavender Wedding Cake

Last week you read about our Bender cake, well this is the wedding cake that went along with it.

I was so jazzed about the bride’s choice of color’s on this cake.  Our color palette here was a light mint green and lavender.

This was a great cake to remind me about how colors and icing can mess with you.  I had the perfect color of icing made up for the cake and even let the colored buttercream sit for a day for it to darken a tad. 

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Quatrefoil Wedding Cake

There are not a lot of really new cakes out there these days.   Occasionally I find cake goodies and I want to purchase them all!  This was the case when I found  Their pictures of gumpaste flowers make me want to make a flower half as pretty!  They are unbelievable!  Gumpaste spider chrysanthemums, really?… I mean really?!?  Just let those flowers inspire you and you will soon spend way too much money,

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Peony Curl Wedding

This past weekend I delivered this beautiful wedding cake to the The Mill in Chattanooga.  I have made a cake similar to this one a long time ago, but the bride brought in a photo of a cake she likes.  The petals on the tiers were curlier and a little less sparse than the one I did previously.  I knew that making the cake wouldn’t be a problem. what I was really interested in was making those beautiful sugar peonies.

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