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Super Bowl Cake Strategies

So most of my regular readers know I’m not here to talk about the Super Bowl, but since football has been all over the news lately so I thought it was worth discussing.  Lots of grooms are into football, and as much as I like making sculpted helmets, a lot of times our clients are looking for something more economical.  A football field cake can show the groom’s love of his team while not breaking the bank. 

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Super Bowl iVillage Feature

I was contacted a couple of days ago by iVillage about featuring one of my stadium cakes for an edible football stadium article they were running.  Of course, I said “Yes”!  It wasn’t until the feature went love that I realized I was featured right next to Bakerella!  What an honor!

It got me thinking about all the football cakes we have made in the past, and even though we aren’t “football people”,

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UGA Bulldog Groom Cake

A whole back we delivered this groom’s cake to Walnut Hill Farm.  Sports themed groom’s cakes are all the rage and seeing as we are in Georgia, UGA is one of the most popular designs.

We do what we can to switch things up and do each UGA cake a little differently.  In this case, we started with a two tier square chocolate cake and alternated sides on each tier with edible images of the bulldog and the Georgia “G”.

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UGA Sanford Stadium

I always love a good challenge, especially when it comes to cakes.  When I had clients ask for a quasi-replica of UGA’s Sanford Stadium, I knew that I had my work cut out for me.  I visited all my favorite web sites and really couldn’t find any good blueprints of the stadium, only seating charts (which were still helpful).  Finally I ordered a scale model off the Internet.  I used the model to take measurements and transfer them on to graph paper. 

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Are you ready for some Football Cake?

I must admit that I’m not a big football fan, but I am very proud of the way this cake turned out! I made this cake some time ago for Mitchell, who is 1/3 of a set of very sweet 8 year-old triplets.

The cake “field” is mostly buttercream, but I covered the football in fondant for a more realistic look. I made the 8 out of gumpaste and embedded wire so that it would slip into the cake very easily.

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