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Sanding Sugar Wedding Cake

Here is an idea!  When you aren’t great at smoothing buttercream or need a quick finish push some sanding sugar into your buttercream.  You can buy a big container (more than you will ever need) at Cake Deco.  Many people really like the crunch and texture this sugar provides.  It really is pretty in person and hard to capture in a picture.  It will drop sugar onto the tier below, so resign yourself to it or only cover the bottom tier or cover the whole thing! 

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Safari Animal Birthday Cake

We create so few birthday cakes these days that when we get to make one, we tend to go a little overboard.   The cake is really a basic design to be a backdrop for the real stars, the animals.  I added a small piece of styrofoam to lift the top tier so I could have a place to hang the vines.   It really is best for the sake of stability.

We marbled a little fondant for the waterfall  and disguised the source with fondant rocks.

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Golden Globes Red Carpet Birthday Cake

 I really love award season! The dresses, the hair, the jewels and oh, the awards. It all starts tonight with the Golden Globe awards! I got a last minute birthday cake request from a favorite long time customer. I was so happy she wanted a cake to match her Golden Globes party theme! I was asked to include the “Happy Birthday…” Inscription and use a red and gold color scheme. The cake was supposed to be a simple 9″

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Pearl Encrusted Wedding Cake

With this cake I think I may have beaten some sort of “most dragees on a cake” record.  This cake was designed using several inspiration photos the bride provided during our consultation.

I really liked the softness and texture that the various sized sugar pearls added to the design.  When it was finished it reminded me of a winter themed cake

Getting all those dragees on the cake was actually easier than I thought it would be. 

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Glitter Monogram Wedding

This is one of those cakes where I curse at my lack of photography skills.  This cake was SO pretty and elegant, but the picture just don’t do it justice.  Let’s start with the bottom tier!

I have had lots of requests lately for pleated fabric look swags, and I am finally getting the hang of them.  The bow and brooch matched the bride’s dress.  I really like it when I can incorporate elements from the dress into the cake.

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Hoppy Easter!

So, what happens when you give a couple of cake artists a dozen eggs and some spare time?!?

Yep!  Tie-Dyed Glitter Eggs!  We had a blast making these little suckers!  After dying them, we got out ALL the luster dusts and edible glitter and just went to town!  My personal favorite was the golden disco glitter egg (look to the middle right in the picture).  It’s been forever since we made Easter eggs and for the life of me,

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