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Cornhole Groom’s Cake Photo Tutorial

Whether you call it cornhole, bean bag toss, or Baggo, people are playing this toss game everywhere – tailgate parties,family picnics, and even weddings.  So I guess when a client asked for one as a groom’s cake I shouldn’t have been surprised.  And since it’s basically a sheet cake on an incline, they’re actually pretty easy to make.


We’ll start with a board to fit our cake (a 12×18),

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Sweet Sushi Cake!


I get so excited when we get to make something new and different, even when I don’t know how to do it. The table/tray didn’t require anything new and different.  I made it easy on myself which is how I priced the cake, so not everything was edible.  I covered two pieces of cardboard for the two layers of cake (9″x 13″). For the “legs” I used several strips on cardboard hot glued together and then covered in black contact paper. 

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3D Acoustic Guitar Groom’s Cake

     We have made three musical instruments to date.  A simple acoustic guitar, a fantastic banjo, and this cake.  The bride was limited on her budget, so to cut costs/labor we didn’t make any type of armature for this cake.  The neck is entirely made out of cereal treats and then “faked out” by using black fondant to represent the underside of the neck.  I like the look of it,

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Book Collection Groom’s Cake


Can you believe we’ve done five book themed wedding or groom’s cakes?  Who knew it was such a big thing?  The sweet little couple that wanted this cake knew exactly what they wanted, titles and colors.  All I had to do was make the cake.  The groom wanted raised letters, so no edible images. We cut these out of modeling chocolate.  We used all modeling chocolate in fact. Not only does it taste better,

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Camera Lens Groom’s Cake

We have mentioned in previous posts about finding designs that will meet the needs of you client’s vision and budget. This groom wanted a Nikon camera cake but that’s a little involved. This camera lens cake was a cool compromise. It’s still a cool cake but was six 9″ round cakes and required only a tiny bit of carving. To be accurate I should have carved in at the bottom to about an 8″

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Cookie Groom’s Cake

Weddings are huge productions where many tiny (or not-so-tiny) pieces all fit together seamlessly to make one huge elegant event.  Weddings are all about collaboration and coordination.

Recently, I met with a couple and the groom was a bonafide cookie connoisseur – he loved them and wanted them to be a big part of his groom’s cake.

But how do you do that and still keep things classy?  Enter Mama Wilson from Mama Wilson’s Cookies

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Workout Weights Groom’s Cake

This workout inspired groom’s cake was finally a chance to do a little something different!  The actual working out does not interest me in the least, but a cake about it? Heck yeah!

There are a few things that I still can’t do well and spheres is one of them.  I try and try, but they come out “wonky” in shape and the fondant coverings are terrible.  What I have learned is that making the bottom half of the rounds out of pre-made half spheres is the way to go.  

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Gray Tux Groom’s Cake

When I have a consultation with a couple, I never know how involved the groom will be.  I have had grooms come in with their own sketches and I have had groom’s that put their head on the table to take a nap.  No matter how involved they get, sometimes they just can’t come up with a good idea for the groom’s cake.

This tuxedo themed groom’s cake is a great option for that groom that is having trouble coming up with a great idea for his cake.

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The Grill Master Cake w/ Coal Mini Tutorial

Happy Labor Day!  We hope everyone had some down time to relax and grill some yummy foods.  Segue into a grill cake! See what I did there? So subtle….

A sweet bride gave us some artistic freedom and the basics that she wanted:  gray, grill master on front, and meats on the grill.  The easy part is the simple gray buttercream round with two fondant ribbons on top and bottom.  If you don’t have to use fondant,

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