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Our last cupcakes….

We have grown and changed our business as time has gone by the past few years.  When we started Magnolia Bakery and their cupcakes were all the rage.  Then a bunch of cupcake stores opened in the  area and my once popular cupcake business slowed way down.  I was fine with that because it gave me more time to focus on learning my craft.  Now, 90% of those shops are closed but I’m still here and I don’t make cupcakes anymore!  

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Woodgrain Buttercream Wedding

One of the most often heard comments I get during bridal consultations is “I don’t want fondant.”  The problem is that most of the inspiration photos they bring me are fondant.  There’s the odd occasion where I have to tell them no, but more often than not I can come up with some way of replicating the design in buttercream.

When I met with this couple they brought an inspiration cake that was buttercream with lots of lines in it. 

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Chattanooga Outdoor Camping Groom’s Cake

A lot of you are much better at sugar figurines than I am, so when I got this order for a “less cartoony” representation of the bride and groom, I was visiting lots of places on the web and printing out tons of examples.

Our couple here loved the great outdoors and were very specific that the cake include a black bear, a tent, a canoe, and some fallen tree logs.

Gumpaste Iris Wedding Cake

A few months back, I met with a bride that wanted a very natural cake with ferns, fiddle heads, and irises. I had never made gum paste irises, so I started looking online. All of the so-called “irises” really looked nothing like the irises my bride wanted. I decided that my only recourse was to make my own. I got out my Nicholas Lodge DVD and started making notes. Several days later I had a bunch of the little suckers made up.

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