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Wedding Cakes with Organic Lines

Rarely has one cake design been brought to us by so many brides! They have asked for a “lite” version, with less lines to the latest request that was to be very much like the original design. Let me say, I do not know what cake artist to give credit for the original design. It’s been pinned and refined so many times that I would need to be a forensic analyst to figure it out.

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Do you get bored?

I’m tired and maybe a little grumpy, so you get a grumpy blogger. 🙂 Too many weddings, graduations and parties happening at the same time! We are in the height of the event season. We have made a version of this cake so often that I don’t think I can say another thing about it! I’m getting bored with this design. I’ve made it in every combination, color and shape! But brides keeping asking for it as a whole or in parts!

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Orchid Wedding Cake

I do lots of wedding cakes where i decorate with swirls and/or curls, but this bride brought me a photo of a cake that had, for lack of a better term… slashes.  They were very different and created a really cool look.  I thought the cake turned out great!

During our consultation, the bride said she wanted orchids on the cake.  That’s what I sketched out and that’s what I was planning on seeing at the wedding and I even discussed it with the florist before the wedding. 

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