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Wedding Cakes with Organic Lines

Rarely has one cake design been brought to us by so many brides! They have asked for a “lite” version, with less lines to the latest request that was to be very much like the original design. Let me say, I do not know what cake artist to give credit for the original design. It’s been pinned and refined so many times that I would need to be a forensic analyst to figure it out.

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Art Deco / Gatsby Wedding Cake

This the other cake I made for the wedding photo shoot I was involved with a few weeks ago.  You see, when you have all these people together with their time invested, it really doesn’t take that much more to get a second (or third) look and feel using mostly the same props.  The bride changes dresses and makeup, switch out the flowers, and voilà!  Different (looking) photo shoot!

One of the “looks”

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Bird Cage Woodland Wedding Cake

I have always been obsessed with birds.  I have have had them as pets and I spend a small fortune keeping food for almost every type of bird in my yard at home.  So it shouldn’t be terribly surprising that I have and idea in my head for a cake inside a bird cage.  I don’t know if it’s something I have seen somewhere before, (I’m sure someone has done it) but it has always just been an image that struck me as…

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Photo Shoot for …

I was reading a blog a while back and the author said that if you want to be part of a photo shoot then you should make it happen.  Pick your favorite vendors, a great concept, and a great location.  This has been a slower year for wedding vendors in my area, so there have been a few of these shoots taking place.  A great couple of friends of ours decided to come up with a concept and I was lucky enough to be invited.

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I was featured in Cake Central Magazine!

I have been holding on to this little secret for several weeks and it has just about burned a hole in me!!  Several weeks ago I received an e-mail from Jackie at Jackie at Cake Central.  They wanted me to submit a cake for publication in Cake Central magazine.  I answered her back so fast I think the e-mail caught on fire!!

The theme I was asked to submit for was “Minimally Decorated with a Splash of Red”. 

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Birch Wood Grain Wedding Cake

I think this may be the most photogenic cake I have ever made.  Usually I take picture after picture, and struggle to find one I truly like.  But this cake, it seemed like almost every snap I took was a real keeper.

I really enjoyed making this cake.  I took inspiration from 3 different wood type cakes that the couple brought in to make this cake.  The wood is supposed to resemble a birch tree. 

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Simple Cake, Beautiful Pictures

As I said on the last blog, I’m scraping for un-blogged about cakes at the moment.  Instead of making more cake dummies, I’ve been working out in the yard.  Spring is just too tempting!  So here is an old cake with great pictures.  My friends and long time clients, Mike and Tammy Houston (Houston Studios Photography) took these great shots of a simple little cake that I made a while back.

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UT Vols Grooms Cake – Smokey the Dog

Click for a larger image

Sometimes a cake just needs one super wow element to take it from average to awesome.  On this cake, old Smokey the Dog is definitely the star!  And I have Chaddy to thank for him!

We have done sports logos before, but Chaddy said that this was the most intricate we have attempted.  Most of the logos we have done previously allow for a lot of layering;

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Photo Booth Station… Complete!

For the past few weeks, I have been rearranging the kitchen in order to build a dedicated area to take my cake pictures.  My brother helped me profusely with the project, even going so far as to travel with me and Chad to IKEA in Atlanta to pick the cabinets and lights and stuff up!

I ordered some photo backdrops from Adorama in white, black, gray, and beige so I have several options to choose from. 

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Taking it Outdoors

The neighbors must really think I’m crazy on a regular basis!  Especially when it’s pretty out, I can be seen carrying plant stands, end tables, potted plants, or some other odd item from my house throughout the yard looking for the perfect place to snap a shot of some new confection I have crafted.

This weekend I made up a batch of cupcakes for a customer and with the few I had leftover,

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