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Blush and Gold Wedding Cake

We got to make a PINK wedding cake! Squeal! It was “blush” but we know that really means pink! I love a bride that does something different! We made this three tier cake with French buttercream which is all butter and “non crusting”. Once the cake is perfectly smooth, we chill it in the freezer for about an hour before we do the stenciling. If it gets too cold the cake will get condensation and that causes your stencil buttercream not to stick and that is bad.

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Sugar Dress Pink Lace Cake

I have tried so many lace making products that I almost gave up.  When SugarVeil came out, I thought it was cool but all the mats were kind of tacky (just my opinion). It really did take a while for some better mats to be developed but they are expensive.  I have used SugarVeil in a piping bag so that I could pipe onto parchment with a complicated pattern underneath.  Once dried,

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Once Upon a Time

Upon upon a time, and I do mean a LONG time ago, I got an order from a client that wanted a castle cake.  She was on a very limited budget, so she decided on a castle shaped sheet cake.

Now granted, my little business was still very new, and I wasn’t as experienced as I am now, but I also didn’t have any other orders that week.  So I worked extra hard on her cake,

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Our Most Popular Display Cake Ever!

This display cake has long since served its usefulness, but at one time I carried this cake to so many shows and it always got rave reviews.

I initially made it because I wanted to play around with a wonky cake and I wanted to play around with a hot pink / lime color scheme.  Then I sold some cookies at a small art show (gee, that was a LONG time ago) and I brought it along. 

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Pirate Princess Birthday

If you have read my blog even on a semi-regular basis, then you’ve probably heard me mention my good friend Amanda from Divine Designs.  You probably haven’t heard about her awesome daughter Kaeley, though.  She is such an angel, and she has a style all her own!

When I first talked to Amanda about Kaeley’s cake, Kaeley’s first cake ideas were “Monster Truck Princess” or “Pirate Princess”.  How can you not get excited about either of those ideas?!? 

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Cupcake Themed 1st Birthday Cake

I stay so booked up with wedding cakes that it’s a rare occasion that I get to do a birthday cake anymore.  There are times when I’m under booked, or I owe a favor to one of the many wedding vendors that help me from time to time and I get to do one.

I had fun making this little birthday cake for one year old Wynn!  I iced the cake nice and smooth with pink buttercream and then went to town with the fondant accents. 

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