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Wedding Cakes with Organic Lines

Rarely has one cake design been brought to us by so many brides! They have asked for a “lite” version, with less lines to the latest request that was to be┬ávery much┬álike the original design. Let me say, I do not know what cake artist to give credit for the original design. It’s been pinned and refined so many times that I would need to be a forensic analyst to figure it out.

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Mickey Wedding & Pet Peeves

We will make this week’s blog short and a little sour….. Is there something you see in your line of work that bugs the fool out of you? We all do I’m sure. In cake decorating we all start as beginners and I never judge those people. If you charge money, and sometimes a lot of money for a cake then it should be well executed. Piping should be neat and consistent. I’m not the best at piping so I use a small paint brush to even out and blend in my lines.

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Walnut Hill Fresh Flower Wedding


How could I ever make flowers this pretty!?!?  I arrive at the venue, Walnut Hill Farm, and the florist has left me the MOST gorgeous bunch of flowers!  Ranunculus, Peonies, perfect roses, hydrangeas and some lambs ear for greenery.   I was in love with all of them!!!  Here are some “professional baker tips” for the week.

1,  Allow yourself PLENTY of time when fresh flowers go on the cake.  If the florist is gone,

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Bakers Gotta Bake!

When do you not call your baker?  The day before the wedding!  Or the day of the wedding!  We had both happen recently and just wanted to tell you why it’s not a good idea.  Toward the end of the month I pull all my orders for the next month and read through them.  I make a list of supplies I need, make sure no payments are needed, make sure everything is very clear (since it may have been months since I booked the cake) and make a task list for each week.

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Piped Lace Wedding Cake

I’m going to post a little quick entry today.  It’s the first week of May and I have a BUNCH of cakes to work on!  We are getting a lot more requests for colored wedding cakes and I think that’s great!  This a khaki color which isn’t always the easiest color to achieve.  I sure wish I had one of the paint color mixing machines at Home Depot!

I used an Evil Cake Genius lace stencil and the piped an outline with a #1 tip.

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Day of the Dead Wedding Cake

I made this wedding cake back in March… MARCH!  You have no idea how hard it was to sit on these pictures so that I could save them for this Halloween post!  NO IDEA!!

This couple was a baker’s dream couple.  Super nice, easy to work with, and enjoyed thinking WAY outside the box.  This whole wedding was Day of the Dead themed, which is a celebration and remembrance for loved ones that have passed on. 

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Domed Wedding Cake with Lace Doilies

Sometimes we are lucky enough to have a bride that really has a vision. They know they want a cake to blend into all the reception decor as well as the venue. For this particular event the venue was the Tivoli Theater in Chattanooga, TN. There are dark red curtains, gold and silver fixtures and lots of pretty marble. The bride chose darker shades of orange and purple to accent her Fall wedding.

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Khaki Wedding Cake in Trenton

This past weekend I made this wedding cake for a sweet couple getting married in Trenton, GA.  This couple was a little older than my average wedding couple, but they were super nice and allowed me a little leeway with their cake for the big day!

Our color scheme for this wedding was khaki, white, and gold.  White is an easy color to bring to the party; here we used white in the borders,

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Happily Ever After Wedding Cake

I really liked doing this wedding cake.  The couple were fun and not afarid to bring some color to their otherwise traditional wedding cake.  Not only was the bow hot pink, but the inside of the cake was pink strawberry with hot pink cream cheese icing!

You can click on the cake for a larger picture, but the piping reads “And They Lived Happily Ever After”.  What a great way to start your fairytale life! 

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Copper Flower Wedding at the Hunter Museum

I have done quite a lot of wedding cakes in my career, but this is the first time I have had a request for metallic flowers.  But I must admit, If this is a new trend, I could really get on board with it!

This four tiered wedding cake is covered in buttercream with several small piped band going around each tier.  The bride wanted orchids with fat petals, so we worked together and finally settled on Vanda orchids,

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