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Buttercream Rosette Ruffles

This cake is a fully buttercream iced and decorated except for the gumpaste flowers

Sometimes we get to try an established look but with a new twist.  Ruffles are mostly done with fondant but most customers want to avoid it.  We tried to accomplish the same look but with buttercream.  I’m really happy with the outcome and learned a lot on this one cake.  The sweet bride was willing to trust me without ever seeing what it would look like and I’m very grateful for her faith in my abilities.

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Gold Sequin Wedding Cake

I’m so glad to make a cake that is new and not made from someone else’s design.  I can’t even tell you how this design came about.  I think the bride liked so many popular wedding cake trends that we just used them all.  All tiers were buttercream and about 5″ high except for the gold tier which was about 3.5″. We used an Evil Cake Genius lace cake stencil and outlined each piece with a #2 tip. 

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Ruffles and Lace Wedding

My area of the country follows trends, but about two years behind New York.  Currently we have a lot of brides wanting two main colors, but both neutrals.  Shades of ivory with white and shades of grey with cream both seem to be very trendy. Khaki, tan, ivory and champagne are the hardest colors to make in my opinion.  I’ve had art class, but I to have forgotten that lesson.  if you just use the ivory color,

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Ruffle Ribbon Rose Tutorial

Lots of people have made a cake like this, but I’m going to give you a few little instructions and hints. Let’s call it a tiny tutorial!

You need a few things: a ribbon cutter ( or not if you want to take 4 times as long), a poking tool (something with a dull end-aka not pointy), and a small knife. I used a gumpaste and Fondarific combination. I love the extra working time that the Fondarific gives me.

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Ruffle Ribbon Rose Wedding

We were asked to recreate an almost exact copy of a cake from the Pastry Studio.  I have been getting involved with some more FB groups and noticed people saying that you should ask permission before recreating a design that you copy.  I guess in a perfect world with lots of time and super polite people that may happen, but this is not that world.  I’m not going to lie and say that I ask other cake people,

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Peony Curl Wedding

This past weekend I delivered this beautiful wedding cake to the The Mill in Chattanooga.  I have made a cake similar to this one a long time ago, but the bride brought in a photo of a cake she likes.  The petals on the tiers were curlier and a little less sparse than the one I did previously.  I knew that making the cake wouldn’t be a problem. what I was really interested in was making those beautiful sugar peonies.

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Mad Hatter Victorian Cake

 Some nights I sit in bed waiting to get sleepy and I wind up trolling Pinterest on my iPad.  It usually just gets me wound up.  I see some new cake or craft idea and my brains explodes trying to think of some way to incorporate it into a new cake design.  When I saw this mini mad hatter tutorial on Seeing Things That Aren’t Really There, I knew I would have to make one for a cake.

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Buttercream Ruffle Flower Cake + Tutorial!

I made this cake this past weekend for a dear friend of ours, Daisy Moffatt – owner of Daisy Moffatt Photography.  Truth be told, I was actually conspiring with her husband, Beau, to make her a cake with a surprise design.

As I looked through Daisy’s Pinterest board, I saw lots of romantic cakes with frilly ruffles and fantasy flowers.  But almost every one was mostly fondant.  Knowing that most people aren’t huge fondant fans,

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Buttercream Ruffle Tutorial

OK, so you remember those buttercream ruffles from last week?  And you wanted to know exactly how they’re done, right?  OK, well, this is the method that I figured out, and they are much easier than you think!  Let’s start with an image of the technique, almost completed:

Pretty, huh?  The best part is, you only need 2 tips to accomplish this look!

I have seen a rose tip used to make ruffles,

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Buttercream Ruffle Wedding Cake

I have never made buttercream or fondant ruffles on a wedding cake before… at least not like these. 

The client brought in a picture from The Pastry Studio, done all in fondant.  She wanted something similar, but in buttercream of course!  Since I seem to be the Queen of Buttercream, I jumped at the challenge!

The bride also wanted some extra bling on this cake!! 

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