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Wedding Cakes with Organic Lines

Rarely has one cake design been brought to us by so many brides! They have asked for a “lite” version, with less lines to the latest request that was to be very much like the original design. Let me say, I do not know what cake artist to give credit for the original design. It’s been pinned and refined so many times that I would need to be a forensic analyst to figure it out.

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Our last cupcakes….

We have grown and changed our business as time has gone by the past few years.  When we started Magnolia Bakery and their cupcakes were all the rage.  Then a bunch of cupcake stores opened in the  area and my once popular cupcake business slowed way down.  I was fine with that because it gave me more time to focus on learning my craft.  Now, 90% of those shops are closed but I’m still here and I don’t make cupcakes anymore!  

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Sanding Sugar Wedding Cake

Here is an idea!  When you aren’t great at smoothing buttercream or need a quick finish push some sanding sugar into your buttercream.  You can buy a big container (more than you will ever need) at Cake Deco.  Many people really like the crunch and texture this sugar provides.  It really is pretty in person and hard to capture in a picture.  It will drop sugar onto the tier below, so resign yourself to it or only cover the bottom tier or cover the whole thing! 

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Chattanooga Cake Ace Contest on Feb 20th!

OK, so I hinted about this a few posts back, but I am ready to make this official….

I have entered a cake competition on February the 20th (next Sunday!!!) and one of the judges will be none other than Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes!!

The Chattanooga Times Free Press is hosting A Formal Affair, a bridal show and during the show they are also sponsoring the “Chattanooga Cake Ace”

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Charleston – A Culinary Adventure (Part 2 of 2)

If you’re here to see another pretty cake, check back with us on Tuesday.  If you came back to hear about the rest of our culinary adventures in Charleston, then… really?  Wow!  And please! don’t think that these are the only or best places to visit.  There were LOTS of places in Charleston where we would have liked to sample the food, we just didn’t have the time.  Also, don’t think that the only thing we did in Charleston was eat. 

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Charleston – A Culinary Adventure (Part 1 of 2)

Recently, I had a weekend with no cakes booked, so that meant it was time for a VACATION!!  Now normally, I’m the structured, organized one, but when it comes to vacation time, I get all willy-nilly.  So late Saturday night Chad and I got online and started looking.  We eventually narrowed down our choices to Memphis or Charleston.  A coin flip later and it was decided… we were going to Charleston!!

The adventures start after the jump!

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Red & Black Show Cake

I know, I know, I’m like the worst blogger ever! But if you only knew HOW busy we’ve been lately. I am teaching a decorating class beginning September 15 at Dalton State College and then we have a HUGE bridal show on September 20th!! I have been so busy getting my syllabus ready and my booth designed that I have had no time left over for anything else. I am also trying to make some new show pieces to bring to the bridal show.

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Tree Stump cake

Well another stump cake already! The location for the reception was the Chattanooga Nature Center. I got to see a baby bunny and a chipmunk in the short time I was there. I just love animals! Anyway about the cake, I am finding these pretty easy to do which is nice for a change. This bride wanted the limbs coming out of the trunk so I used rice krispie treats and put a couple wooden skewers in each.

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Buttercream Diamond Wedding cake

This wedding cake was a elegant design and a little challenging. The Diamond design is created by heating my metal spatula and melting the icing into the design. It’s tricky because you can’t melt it too deep. The fondant oval is lined with pearls that are then painted with luster dust. The scroll work took about 3 hours, but it came out pretty good! We delivered this wedding cake to Trevitt Hall in Dalton,

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Fondant calla wedding cake

This 3 tier cake was for one of my favorite brides every! Do you ever meet someone and just enjoy ever dealing you have with them? Well, that’s Karen. We delivered her wedding and groom’s cake to the Chattanooga Nature Center on a very hot morning. She was very smart to move her time up so it was early. In fact it was the earliest I have ever delivered a wedding cake,