We don’t often do baby shower cakes, but when a super sweet mother of a former brides asks SUPER nicely we just can’t refuse.    It also doesn’t hurt to let us make whatever we want and give us no budget at all; but we still kept it reasonable.  We made this three tier pale pink buttercream covered cake.  For the bottom tier we just molded some lace with a silicone mold and painted it with a pearl luster dust.  The middle tier was a challenge keeping it pretty simple but still blending the top and bottom.  We used a mold from First Impressions for several hearts that we molded in white chocolate.  We surrounded the hearts with pearls to make them bigger and add some white in that tier.   The bows and stripes were made from fondant.   We stenciled a pattern on the top tier and then added some pretty gold frames and letters we molded with white chocolate and painted gold.  A few edible pearls and some pretty flowers finished it off!


lacy baby shower cakeWe bought many of the flowers from Lucks and this marks the first time we have purchased gumpaste flowers from them.


We REALLY like the shape, size, and how thin and delicate they are.  We didn’t like that they are not white, they are cream.  There are some white flowers but those are not from Lucks.  I’m a mixer!  There are no white flowers of the ones we wanted to use.  Also, the flowers only had a wimpy floral wire that EASILY comes out so don’t count on them!  I had more than one flower come off the wire and break while I was painting them.   I would still buy the Lucks flowers again, just because they are so pretty.

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