The best way to reach us to place an order, ask for more information or receive a personalized quote is by using our contact page. It would be helpful to provide as much information when you contact us.

We only make custom cakes. We have a $250 minimum for all orders. We don’t sell cupcakes, cookies and other goodies.

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We love small cakes! We can design a custom cake even under 100 servings. We can design your cake and take you order over email or phone. If you still need a meeting or samples, we will be happy to do that for a nominal fee.

For all cakes over 101 servings, we suggest scheduling an appointment to determine the design, flavor and details. Your meeting is complimentary but will be secured with a credit card. There is a cancellation fee for missed appointments of $50.

Meetings are held in our showroom/kitchen. Clients can relax, see our fashionable display cakes and enjoy a stress-free process. Our meeting will take about an hour and when it’s complete, or shortly after, you will have a custom cake design, exact quote with contract to review at your leisure, and all your questions will be answered.

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We try new recipes and combinations every week, so when you contact us we will send you our current offerings. If you have a special request, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate.

We offer two different recipes of buttercream so that everyone will be happy. The most popular is our “House” buttercream that is actually a French buttercream. It is very silky, all butter and not very sweet. It is great as vanilla and fantastic with other flavors like raspberry incorporated in it!

Our “Kids” buttercream is a more traditional American buttercream. We start with a lot of butter, powdered sugar, whipping cream, salt and vanilla then whip the fool out of it! It’s tremendous! Whichever buttercream you choose, everyone can eat a piece of cake without the sugar hurting their teeth!

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Our minimum order is $250. This minimum applies to all cakes.

Cake pricing is complex, especially since every baker computes their work differently. We price by using a base serving price for a standard, smooth butter cream finished cake with appropriate borders. If you want more details, you will be charged a flat hourly rate for our artwork and extra supplies. We do many cakes that are the base price and we love those simple and elegant cakes! We also make “Millennium Falcon” and football stadium cakes that take an extra 40 hours of carving, detailing and decorating.

Cakes are meant to be special but not all have to be works of art. We believe on the truly SPECIAL events you should splurge and get a show stopping cake! Price often speaks to the quality not only of the ingredients but also the workmanship and skill or the baker.

Round Cakes-single or multi tiered-start at $3.75/per serving.

Square Cakes-single or multi tiered-start at $4.50/per serving.

Cakes which are 101+ servings include complimentary delivery (in our area) and consultations with tastings.

We accept cash, checks, debit and credit cards. Our down payments are 50% of the total order. Final payments are due 90 days before your event.

We will provide you with a contract to proof and accept no matter the size of the cake. Your order is not placed until the retainer has been paid and both parties have signed a contract.

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