We have grown and changed our business as time has gone by the past few years.  When we started Magnolia Bakery and their cupcakes were all the rage.  Then a bunch of cupcake stores opened in the  area and my once popular cupcake business slowed way down.  I was fine with that because it gave me more time to focus on learning my craft.  Now, 90% of those shops are closed but I’m still here and I don’t make cupcakes anymore!  Except for these last beauties that I had under contract for a year!

autumn cupcakes

fall cake stand

deer cake topperSo here they are in all there Fall leaf glory!  If you want to make cupcakes, more power to you!  Just remember that you have to sell a lot of them to make the same profit that comes from a small wedding cake.  They not only take extra time to scoop, de pan, ice and pack, but they also take a lot longer to set up than a wedding cake.  Just take all of that into consideration when you price them.  Happy cup-caking!

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