We make HAPPY! We don’t want to make a sad cake that doesn’t have a home and sits on a shelf waiting on an inscription. Truly special custom cakes are not picked from a catalog or copied off a magazine picture. Each cake that is created by Cup a Dee Cakes is a direct reflection of the relationship we have established with our customer. We create cakes WITH our clients by listening, learning, suggesting, and designing together. Our cake creation will also be YOUR special cake! Our greatest gift is the desire to make you HAPPY!

In 2006 we decided to take the huge step of building a commercial kitchen onto our house. We built a beautiful, licensed, clean, relaxed kitchen to meet our clients/new friends and create their perfect cake.

Cup a Dee Cakes is an appointment-only cake boutique located in Tunnel Hill, GA. We make special cakes for Chattanooga, Tennessee and Northwest Georgia areas.

We support marriage equality and will proudly serve all happy couples.

Jenniffer and Chad White are the team that loves creating custom cakes. Jenniffer realized her passion for cakes and desserts at a very young age. Her experiences in design, visual presentation, fashion, makeup artistry and baking all merged into a great life history that made a recipe for a great cake artist! Today she is filled with joy to finally be a working artist and the master of her destiny.

Jenniffer: Owner | Baker | Artist | Workhorse | Dishwasher

Chad has a great eye for design and the computer skills of a young Steve Jobs. His computer skills are invaluable to the cake making process. It’s amazing how many templates, fonts and graphics that a cake designer needs! It takes someone as smart as Chad to use some creative monkeying around to fix a “cake problem”. Chad can also carry very heavy cakes and make a great buttercream rose!

Chad: Owner | IT Director | Artist | Muscle | Brains

Jenniffer and Chad want to make every cake delicious, flawless and beautiful in hopes that it creates a lasting impression for both you and your guests.