How many groom’s cakes are sports related?  I think it must be 50% because we do them a lot!  The couple often has a hard time deciding on just one theme or hobby.  We have done a few with several hobbies on one cake, but I think one theme can  be more impactful.  The tricky part of these hobby groom’s cakes is to keep them from looking like birthday cakes.  It’s a fine line and it’s crossed pretty often in the cake world!  I  that using chocolate icing as the base icing helps with the look and keeps the color count down.   We also keep the borders really simple or don’t add one at all like on the striped tier pictured.  We used clip art for a football pattern.  Cookie cutters would have worked also if you have them.  The topper is an edible image mounted on a piece of gumpaste and dried for a few days.  Yes, I know it’s a little crooked 🙁  My last idea for “grooming” up a themed cake is to add a bunch of chocolate covered strawberries!  Why does that scream “groom’s cake “? I don’t know, but it does!  If you have any groom’s cake hints, please share them with the class!

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